Style: Sour - Ale

The Silver Tart- Big Spruce Brewing

A wheat ale that has been conditioned on organic raspberries. Based on Alexander Graham Bell’s notes on a “raspberry vinegar” and created for Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site’s musical drama The Bells of Baddeck. (3.94) | 960 Ratings ABV:4% IBU:17

Rhubarb Kettle Sour

This kettle sour was conditioned on baked rhubarb to produce a tart and refreshing summer patio beer. (0.00) | 6 Ratings ABV:4.5% IBU:

Mojito Sour- Roof Hound Brewing

Dry hopped kettle soured ale with fresh mint and lime zest. First instalment in Roof Hound’s Dive Bar Classic Cocktail series. (3.65) | 159 Ratings ABV:4.8% IBU: